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                                                                       FAITHFUL ★ SWIFT ★ SERENE


Founder: Jammer8lfjzy
Founded: 11/29/2017
Status: Active
Orientation: Light
Member Count: 37
Member Limit: 50
Tag/Badge: Dark Blue/Earth
Name Type: Clan Names
Roleplay: Traditional
Camp: Epicmickeythefirst's
Server: Cascade

Total Count

‣ Epicmickeythefirst

‣ Shadowfall22

‣ Noviegirl

‣ Jammer8lfjzy


‣ Imlovely

‣ Londondog

‣ Mclaus

‣ Kawaiistrawberry1

‣ Kodah123

‣ Bluesky40

‣ Froakiefro

‣ Allieisnice89

‣ Ty53583

‣ Risingstorm

‣ limpaired

‣ Cutiepie0807

‣ Galaxyferret

‣ Unaliveful

‣ Snowpatch101












‣ Fxadingechoes

‣ Arev9

‣ Jammer87tc4

‣ Freegalaxywolfx

‣ Mylittle20


‣ Sovietwind

‣ Empererpenguin77

‣ Artziekittyx3

‣ Rose1o2

‣ talktothehand1

‣ Animalfriend81

‣ Valory185

LakeClan is ancient, for it was founded many, many moons ago. Their leader, Riverstar, was a great leader, for he made the clan thrive. Without him, the clan wouldn't have survived.. or have been founded.  It was until one day, when the lake began to thrash and overflow, that the clan lost hope. Inside, where no one could see, the clan began to deteriorate. Riverstar, eventually, lost his last life to the deadly greencough, his deputy was hopeless. They couldn't head to the moonstone to receive the lives of a proper leader, due to the intense storms, making crossing the lake impossible.. And the deputy was targeted, targeted by the cats who despised of LakeClan. The cats who wished it broke, and vanished. The cats who one day did break it, and make it vanish. 

It was until a day, when the sun was high, a group of cats found the lake. The lake where not long ago, the LakeClan cats vanished. They were known as Trout and Stream, two cats who were born to restore LakeClan, said the prophecy. They decided to share the leadership equally, and became Streamstar and Troutstar. The future is yet to be discovered,

LakeClan has returned!


Upcoming Events
Events for the month of January.


January 15th, 2018

‣ Jerseycow and his apprentices will be taking a trip to Moonpool!

January --th, 2018

‣ Antstar will be scheduling a gathering with one of our allies! Coming soon~~



Events Editor: Risingstorm AJ

Any event, ceremony, plot, etc. will appear in the news. This is to inform the clan on what is happening if they are inactive, unable to come online, or need/want to be updated. The format is: (DD.MM.YY)

26.12.17) Lakeclan has officially restarted.

(26.12.17) New leaders have been appointed! We congratulate Antstar and Shallowstar.

(26.12.17) New deputies have been appointed! We congratulate Navyflower and Bumblebounce.

(29.12.17) Jerseycow and Shallowstar are expecting kits!

(30.12.17) Jerseycow has given birth to two healthy male kits! Welcome Tidekit and Cowkit!

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Respect is a crucial rule which is demanded from the high ranks of the clan. Disrespect will lead to punishment, no matter the person. The severity of punishment will be decided on the way you behaved in this matter.

Punishment: Ordered to clean out dens or suspended from roleplay and activities.



Double-grouping, is a crucial rule which is demanded from each group on this wiki. You may not be in other groups while having a standing position in our clan. If you are caught double-grouping you will be exiled, no chances. The other group will also be notified of your actions.

Punishment: Exiled/Banished from the clan. You are not to return.



Seriousness is another matter that most groups tend to touch on. This is a requirement during roleplay which if you cannot adapt to, you will be asked to step out of our camp/territory. If such behavior continues, you will be punished.

Punishment: Asked to step out of roleplay or ignored/suspended from roleplay and activities.



Once you leave our little group, you can only join back once with the leader's permission. If you would like to join back please go on our leader's wall and say something like "Hey, ___, I left Lakeclan but I want to be given another chance. Am I allowed to join back?" and they will answer yes, unless you have caused any problems in the past. Then the answer will vary.

Punishment: Once you have left twice, you are not to be welcomed back.



Activity is a crucial rule, and is demanded from everyone, from leader to kit. If you are unable to be active, please post an absence form and you will be excused.

Punishment: Removed from page.



• Apprentices must have had at least 10 training sessions before they are a full-fledged warrior, and must have approval from their mentor.

• Apprentices must have completed each move in the Training Guidelines before becoming a warrior.

• Apprentices may not have mates, crushes are acceptable.

• Apprentices are expected to respect their mentor, and higher ranks.

Punishment: Disobeying apprentice rules will lead to postponed ceremonies and additional chores.



• Kits may not go on hunting/border patrols.

• Kits may not leave camp.

• Kits may not participate in battles/spars.

Punishment: Disobeying kit rules will lead to postponed ceremonies and confinement to a specific den.



• Punished/Demoted may not spar.

• Punished/Demoted are expected to obey all orders of ranks above apprentices.

• Punished/Demoted do not have the privilege to participate in gatherings or activities.

Punishment: Disobeying punished/demoted rules will lead to exile.



• If you have a high rank character, such as deputy, and you decide to step down you are not allowed to regain your position unless a leader chooses you again.

• Give your OC some types of personalities/flaws. No cat can be perfect.

• If you are currently a high position you must stick with your character. Changing your OC is not allowed unless you are willing to step down.

• Please do not rush your OC's life, you will soon be bored and want to kill off your characters frequently.

Punishment: If you can not adapt to these rules, you will be warned. After you will be suspended from making new OC's for a month.



Please do not cause drama with your OC. Things like depression, suicidal thoughts, and/or serious real life problems are not allowed. are not permitted. If you are caught causing drama multiple times, you'll be removed from the page.


The symbol for this ranking is: ☆

The leader is the superior cat of the clan, managing every bit of it. Ethical of being granted nine lives by their ancestors, this noble cat commands everyone contributing to LakeClan. If they are disrespected in any sort of way, then it will lead to severe punishments, saying that they are a very influential cat.

The symbol for this ranking is: ✧

The deputy is second in command throughout the entire clan, as they assist the leader in making impactful commitments. This cat is accountable for organizing patrols and taking the leaders position when they are absent. He who obtains this ranking has authority over everyone besides the leader.

Antstar Epicmickeythefirst - Male -
Shallowstar Shadowfall22 - Male Jerseycow
Bumblebounce Noviegirl Wisteriapaw Female -
Dappledtail Jammer8lfjzy - Female Coquillecrown

The symbol for this ranking is: ❀

The medicine cats are the healers of the clan, keeping every individual alive, active, and healthy. They are the ones who hold the closest relationship to StarClan, which causes them to be the most spiritual cat within the clan. These cats tend to receive messages and prophecies from our ancestors to furthermore interpret.

The symbol for this ranking is: ❁

The medicine cat apprentices are the following medicine cats undergoing training, assisting the current ones as knowledge is being passed down to the future generation of the medical league. These cats will step up to the rank of an official medical associate once one has died or retired, or even when their mentor thinks they are eligible enough for obtaining the remarkable ranking.

Jerseycow MOIMI - Male Shallowstar
Morninglight londondog Nova/Bonsai/Civet Female Salmonbelly
Coquillecrown Mclaus Hollowpaw Male Dappledtail
Yasminewater Kawaiistrawberry1 Tsunamipaw Female -
Hollowpaw Kodah123 Coquillecrown Male -
Novapaw Bluesky40 Morninglight Male -
Tsunamipaw Froakiefro Yasminewater Male -
Bonsaipaw Allieisnice89 Morninglight Male -
Goldenpaw Smile3622 Morninglight Male -

The symbol for this ranking is: ♔

The senior warriors are a step ahead from an ordinary warrior. They have received this rank due to gaining the higher hierarchies trust, admiring these six cats based upon their undying adherence to the clan. Typically, the leader will determine one senior warrior to become the future deputy of the clan.

The symbol for this ranking is: ♕

The warriors are the cats associated in the arts of hunting and battleing, usually assigned to attend patrols and gatherings. Warriors make up the bulk of the clan, and provide everyone with secure protection as well as food supply that keeps everyone safe and well-fed.

Antlermask Snowpatch101 N/A Male N/A
Blackhound Voif N/A Male N/A
Tornstep Toppycat N/A Male N/A
Hazelcrest Mkitty12 Beetlepaw Male N/A
Marionberry Smile3622 N/A Male N/A
Juniperstream Bunnygem10 N/A Female Honeysplash
Sprucemuzzle Icy76549 N/A Male N/A
Salmonbelly Implusiive N/A Male Morninglight
Leopardstride Starclanwarrior N/A Male N/A
Gracefall niki0430 N/A Female N/A
Patchpelt Arev9 N/A Female N/A
Cottonnose Jammer87tc4 N/A Female N/A
Kestrelnose Freegalaxywolfx N/A Male N/A
Darkwhisper Mylittle20 N/A Male N/A
Tiptoe Sovietwind N/A Male N/A
Stuttercloud Dissembled N/A Female N/A
Paleshine Artziekittyx3 N/A Male N/A
Websong Sab54 N/A Male Spiritscream
Deftcry Rose1o2 N/A Male N/A
Cloudfall Koolasaur N/A Male N/A
Cinderstep Animalfriend81 N/A Female N/A
Cardinalflight Spiritwolfbeta N/A Male N/A

The symbol for this ranking is:

The apprentices are the cats of the clan training to become successful warriors. A specific member of the leaders choice advises and teaches them to hunt, fight, and later provide for the sake of the clan in the warrior league, fulfilling their legacy. Their ages range from approximately six to twelve moons.

The symbol for this ranking is: ♧

The kits are cats who have not been made an apprentice yet, which makes them the youngest ranking through the clan. They are held back from being an apprentice for a certain amount of time due to their adolescent age, but in some cases they could be held back from promotion due to a severe injury or misbehaving.

Spottedpaw limpaired N/A Female Bonsaipaw
Wisteriapaw Cutiepie0807 Bumblebounce Female Hollowpaw
Pigeonpaw GalaxyFerret Salmonbelly Male N/A
Havenpaw Roar1127 N/A Female N/A
Beetlepaw fxadingechoes Hazelcrest Male N/A
Azulepaw Empererpenguin77 N/A Female N/A
Seapaw Talktothehand1 N/A Female N/A
Tidekit Risingstorm Jerseycow & Shallowstar Male 1 Moon
Cowkit Unaliveful Jerseycow & Shallowstar Male 1 Moon
Tatteredkit Jammer0b41d Honeysplash & Juniperstream Male 3 Moons
Echokit fxaingechoes N/A Female 4 Moons
Milkykit Valory185 Coquillecrown & Dappledtail Female 3 Moons


The symbol for this ranking is: ♡

The queens are she-cats nurturing or expecting kits. Their primary task during this time is the raising of the youth. Typically, most queens will stay in the nursery after they have delivered their litter. They are thought to do this because they feel they can assist the other queens nurturing their litter.

The symbol for this ranking is: ♢

The elders are retired cats who are too old or not in suitable enough shape to proceed with warrior duties. Elders are taken care of by the whole clan, and are given respect for the time they have served as part of the clan. They are responsible for taking the body of a dead cat out to be buried.

Honeysplash Aerølite Tatteredkit Female Juniperstream
Spiritscream Theghost49 N/A Female Websong
- - - - -


∙【 Joining Form 】∙

{When applying, keep in mind we only accept clan names. If your rank/character requires additional information, please add it into the form.}

· Name ·

· Username ·

· Gender ·

· Mate ·

· Desired Rank ·

· Roleplay Example ·

· Loyalty Promise ·

∙【 Second OC Form 】

{Please read the rules about second OC's before creating yours. If you have made a second character in the past week, then you shouldn't be filling this form :).}

· Name ·

· Username ·

· Gender ·

· Mate ·

· Desired Rank ·

∙【 Alliance Form 】∙

{Please note that we do not accept requests from groups with under 20 members}

· Group Name ·

· Leader's Username ·

· Deputy's Username ·

· Server Owned ·

· Member Count ·

∙【 Excused Absence Form 】

{Please note that your absence only matters if it exceeds three days. Do not ask to be excused for hour periods, or anything under two days. Please post all absent forms on the leader's message wall.}

· Name ·

· Rank ·

· Time Span ·

· Reason ·


Want to learn more?

[Rogue leader's name] had always longed to be a superior from the time he/she was a kit. His/her parents as well as the whole clan had never seen this kit as anything special in any way. As the kit grew, seeing LakeClan thrive througout his/her life only made her want to crush it even more. When he/she finally gained enough power to stand up to anyone, they left the clan in a harsh manner with a few followers. As the years went by, the small band of rogues grew. [rogue leader's name] has plotted to creep into LakeClan territory, looking like a lost, beat up kitten. LakeClan, being generous and wanting to give everyone a chance, takes the 'lost kitten' in and offers he/she a spot as a warrior. Lies are spread and friendships are broken as the rogue leader spreads rumors about the highranks, slowly attempting to create chaos within our clan.

A Rising Darkness
Roleplay Times: Debating Times
People Included: Entire clan
Location: Camp (Epicmickeythefirst)
Suggested By: Kokua

If you would like to suggest a plot idea, please contact one of our leaders, and your plot might be put up next! New plots are always decided Sunday nights, where the clan gathers in camp and discusses potential ideas!


How many OC's are we allowed to have?

Lakeclan is currently allowing two OC's. You may have a main OC, and a second OC. But don't forget, we have many rules that comply to second OC's, which should be read before you can create one.

Where is everyone roleplaying?

You'll most likely find us roleplaying in our leader (Antstar)'s camp. You'll usually find at the least 2 members online and in the camp, just go to Epicmickeythefirst's den.

Can second OC's have mates?

Yes, but as long as your first OC's mate it alright with it. If not, your mate has every right to dump you ^.^.

How come I haven't been added to the page?

This is probably because either, you weren't accepted, or our editors haven't been notified yet. If so, please contact one of our leaders or deputies, or comment below, and you'll be added right away.


Antstar Shallowstar Navyflower Bumblebounce






Lakeclan's Roleplay Thread

Can't roleplay on Animal Jam? Is Puffin being annoying and slow? Then this is the place for you. Our roleplay thread was created for these exact reasons. Here people can roleplay with others without having to get online. This thread is limited to LC people only.

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Lakeclan's Chill Corner

Constantly being yelled at for spamming the page? Well look no further. This thread was created so everyone can spam their favorite memes and talk about things that aren't related to roleplay. This thread is limited to LC people and friends.

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Lakeclan's Rant Thread

Need to write a long paragraph, pouring your heart and soul out about the topic? Well here's the place for you bud. On our rant thread, people will share things they are uncomfortable about in LC, and others can contribute, support, and oppose their comment.

★ ★ ★

Lakeclan's Discord Server

Yes, we have a Discord Server! This is where you'll usually find some of our clan members. Here we can chat, and talk about things that the AJCW rules might not approve of ;). You'll find most of our members always chatting here.

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