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Male ° Bisexual ° LakeClan

Ugh! You are so annoying like always...


Owner: Øurayz

Aj username: Ourayz

Founded: Oct. 26th

Birthday: June 13th


Name: Teaspill

Breakdown: /tē/ /spil/

Gender: Male

Group: LakeClan

Sexuality: Bisexual

Zodiac sign: Gemini


Pelt: A dark blue overcoat, light blue tabby stripes, and a silver underbelly.

Eyes: Dark grey eyes.

Scent: Peppermint

Fur: Long fur

Scars: None


Supportive: Funny|Active|Adventurous

Neutral: Sarcastic|Jokestur|Cautious

Negative: Rude|Violent|Lazy


Status: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Mate: None

Crush: None

Ex-mates: None

Ex-crushes: Adderpaw & Cardinalflight

Family tree

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Smalldove 10%

You're okay. I dont exactly like you, though.

Iriswater 0%

I hate you. I wish lots of luck for your mate, he'll need it!

Ryepaw 2%

You betrayed me. I thought we were friends!

Adderpaw 0%

You messed up big time, bud.

Algernon 50%

I'm sorry for bullying you, you are better than those blind cats. I respect you.

Cardinalflight 90%

I know how you feel.. I hope you do great in life.

Sagecreek 4%

Oh, you left me. Then you came back. You took forever to talk to me! I have no respect for you.

Scarfur 3%

Woah, you are so annoying. I don't want you as my adoptive dad!

Thistlecrown 12%

We talked once... You are pretty chill.


1. Tea was left alone.

2. Tea joined ValleyClan.

3. Tea became Teakit.

4. Teakit was adopted by Sagecreek.

5. Teakit became Teapaw.

6. Teapaw attacked Scarfur.

7. Teapaw attacked Annie and Adderpaw.

8. Teapaw followed Iriswater and got in trouble.

9. Teapaw and Iriswater fight a ton.

10. Teapaw attacks Scarfur.

11. Teapaw becomes Teaspill.

12. Teaspill leaves ValleyClan.

13. Teaspill joins Sparrowclan.

14. Teaspill gives Smalldove a light scratch.

15. Tea leaves SparrowClan.

16. Teaspill rejoins ValleyClan.

17. Teaspill leaves ValleyClan

18. Teaspill joins LakeClan


Hazelcrest is hot :')